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Are you looking to devote your time to a local ministry? We look forward to seeing what gifts God has blessed you with that could benefit these men who desire to live a life free from addiction and devoted to Christ.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

If you’re seeking freedom from drug or alcohol addiction, fill out our program application! The RHM treatment program is a VOLUNTARY PROGRAM. There is one real requirement for admission-that a person have a desperate desire to overcome their problem with drugs and alcohol.

Preparation for donation

Do you have skills that could be used at either our thrift store or sawmill? Fill out a volunteer application and tell us how you can help!

Image by Scott Graham

Join our staff! We provide recovery through Biblically based counseling services and a compassionate staff who will support them in a program based on Biblical principles. Our desire is to help men find renewed hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Image by Joel Muniz

Are you a man who has the gift and desire to teach our residents the Word of God? Here at RHM we believe addiction is a sin problem that only Jesus can reconcile and redeem.

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