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We are presenting an opportunity for our current supporters and those that would like to start supporting us, to have a new way to support and be a part of what God is doing here at Renewed Hope Ministries. Our Sponsorship Program offers an opportunity for any individual, family, group, organization, business, or Church to help the movement of God that is occurring here at the Ministry.

We want to continue to allow those that God sends to our Ministry the opportunity to be a part of what ever God would want to accomplish in their life without the burden of having to pay.

Our set fee for the entire year is $3600 per year. As we currently stand, we have 40 beds available at all levels of the Ministry. We are seeking, after much prayer, sponsorship for each available bed. We have established giving brackets based on the monthly cost of $300 per bed ($3600 per bed yearly).

☐ Half Bed Sponsorship: $150 Per Month


☐ Quarter Bed Sponsorship: $75 Per Month


☐ Eighth Bed Sponsorship: $37.50


☐ A One Time Donation


☐ Prayer Sponsorship: Commitment to Pray Daily for the Ministry, Staff, and Resident

Our desire is to be able to continue to pour into the lives of those sent our way while planning for sustainability on the future. We would like to remind you that all funds received are tax deductible and go directly for the completion of the Mission of the Ministry. We would like to thank you in advance for allowing God to direct you in whatever way He would have you to become a part of what He is doing here at Renewed Hope Ministries.

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