Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept men and women?

At the moment we are a men only facility. We do hope to have a women's facility in the future. All donations made to "Hannah's Hope" go directly to fund our women's facility.

How much does the program cost?

The total cost for the year program is $3600, however, due to generous donations, we have not had to charge a resident in over 4 years.

How long is your program?

The ministry is divided into three different levels, which requires a minimum one-year total commitment. Each level has a specific focus with different goals, privileges and advancement responsibilities for the student that all tie in to the primary goal of the ministry, which is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. In order to graduate from the ministry, the participant must demonstrate attitudes and actions reflective of a disciple’s heart. Graduation is not determined by length of stay.

Are you a detox facility as well as a rehab? How long must applicants be "clean" prior to admission?

We are not a detox facility. We require applicants to be medically cleared before coming into the program.

Are there restrictions on prescribed medications? If so, what would those be?

No narcotics. Please call for specific medications we do not allow.

Are there any medical or physical restrictions?

RHM is NOT a medical facility, we cannot give medical care. We need to know who will be responsible for medical expenses incurred while you are here. We are a work based ministry so we do require a full day of work, but the details of that are dependent on the residents physical abilities.

Do you provide transportation to your facility?

No, we do not.

Is this a locked down facility?

No, the RHM program is VOLUNTARY PROGRAM. While the facility is always under supervision by approved volunteers or staff, the residents are able to leave the program at any time. We accept applicants who have a desperate desire to overcome their problem with drugs and alcohol. We have found that the only person we can help overcome their problems are those who come of their own free will, and those who have made a decision to do it for themselves.

Do I have to be a Christian?

No. But all applicants should be aware that the entire structure of our program is founded on the belief that the word of God is authoratative and true. All residents are required to engage and participate in activities and assignments that align with those beliefs.

Will I be free to come and go?

While we are not a locked down facility, our residents are not at liberty to leave the building without approval. Residents will be allowed to request a leave to visit family after 3 months, this request must be approved by staff.

How should I pack for my stay?

Please refer to our Student Handbook under 'Approved Clothing & Items.'

Will I be able to have my phone?

Cell phones are not permitted until after a set amount of time, this amount of time is entirely up to staff depending on each individual. Residents can use the house phone after 2 months. We encourage written letters during the first 2 months. Family and friends can send mail for residents to 150 Penny Lane Murphy, NC 28906

Will I be able to have a job?

RHM is a work based ministry. While here you will be given jobs by our staff which include but are not limited to; working at our thrift store, running our sawmill, or completing tasks at the ministry. After six months, residents are allowed to find work outside of our ministry and our staff will help as much as they can in this process.

What do you teach at RHM?

We are not just a faith based treatment center, we are Christ-centered. Our program focuses on redefining world-views, developing constructive thought patterns, and fostering an examined heart. All of this is accomplished through the authority of scripture and the living hope therein. Many graduates have been transformed through developing a knowledge and love for God's word. The revelation of God's wisdom and essence is the avenue for permanent and lasting change. By learning who He is and who He created us to be, we are given a new purpose and a new high that can not be matched. Our mission is to minister to men who are in need of discipleship by teaching, training, encouraging and modeling for them a victorious life in Jesus Christ. Please read our Statement of Faith by clicking here.