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Donation Guidelines

We do pickups on Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday’s and Friday's as long as everything is in good, resealable condition for larger furniture and appliances. While we are happy to come pick up your larger furniture and appliances, we ask that you please drop off small items at our store during business hours. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 10am to 5pm. We are happy to pickup small items as long as there are larger donations as well. We have the cost of gas for a large box truck as well as the cost of a truck driver to consider when scheduling a pickup.


Call a week ahead of when you need us to pick up. Sometimes we book up quickly so make sure you call ahead, that way we can assist you in picking up your donations when you need them picked up. First come, first serve. We normally schedule no more than 5 or 6 pickups a day. All scheduling must be done through our thrift store. Please call during business hours to set up a time for us to come out.


Leave time for unforeseeable circumstances. Things happen; trucks break down, distances are farther than expected, loads are larger than expected. Scheduling pickups can be left to estimation a lot of times so there is a possibility we will get to you later than we expected. We try our best, but things happen. 


Schedule at a time when you can be at the destination where we will be picking up. We do not pick up donations if someone is not there.

We appreciate your donations and we are happy to say that we take just about anything here at Renewed Hope, with the exception of a few items.

1. Mattresses and/or box springs: NC Law states no person shall sell any renovated bedding or secondhand bedding unless it is sanitized in accordance with rules adopted by the Commission. We do not have the means to sanitize bedding in this way. There is the risk of bed bugs and receiving too many donations of box springs and mattresses with nowhere to store them.
2. Pianos and/or Organs: These large items are very heavy and seem nearly impossible to sell. They are a lot of work with very little reward. If you have a piano or organ you are looking to get rid of, we recommend posting on one of the groups on Facebook or contacting local churches to see if they could use it.
3. Old-style TVs: To be blunt, they do not sell. Newer/flat-screen TVs are a lot cheaper now and easy to find. Older TVs when donated become nearly impossible to sell and equally as difficult to get rid of.
4. Garbage: The best way to judge whether or not you are donating garbage is to ask yourself, “would I give this item to a friend?” If we give it away, it should be something we would use ourselves. There are some donations we recieve that ultimately end up costing this ministry rather than helping us. Some donations are defective or worn-out items — gifts from well-intentioned people who want to reduce waste but who donate items that simply shouldn’t be donated.

We do not repair items. Anything we take must be able to be sold as-is.
Steeves, of Goodwill Northern New England, has a simple tip for anyone interested in donating items to a thrift store:
“If you wouldn’t give it to your judgy mother-in-law," she said, “then don’t donate it.”
Please think before you donate and know that when you drop your trash off after hours at our facility trying to avoid the cost of taking your garbage to the landfill, you are putting that bill on a ministry. We thank everyone who thoughtfully and generously donates their gently used items to this ministry.

Your donations are appreciated and allow this ministry to continue pouring God's word into the lives of these men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We want to use what God has given us to the glory of His kingdom. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we hope you can understand our reasoning behind not allowing certain donations.

"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."
Colossians 3:17

What happens to your clothes after you donate them? Do they get used? Who buys them? Do they get sold by the pound and what does that mean?

The great thing about what we do here with clothing donations is that no matter what condition it is in, it will go towards the funding of our ministry. WE TAKE ANY CLOTHING DONATIONS, NO MATTER THEIR CONDITION. If clothing is in good, resealable condition it will get sold in our store but if it has holes, stains, (or shoulder pads), the clothing gets baled. We sell clothes that won’t sell in our store by the pound to be sent to less fortunate countries. By doing this we are putting all clothing donations towards what God is doing here at the ministry instead of sending clothes to the landfill. If anyone is in need of clothing and walks into our thrift store we give them a bag and tell them to fill it up, no questions asked. We appreciate any clothing donations and are blessed to be able to give back to our community.


Your donations are what keep this ministry operating. We can’t thank you enough for your support.


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